Sanbe-Azukihara Buried Forest


Mt. Sanbe
Mt. Sanbe stands in Ooda City, Shimane Prefecture, which lies on the north side of the western Japan. It is a dormant volcano, 1,126 meters above sea level, which is covered with rich green now.

Almost 4,000 years ago, the volcano erupted. The eruptions of lava, rocks and sands fell down the mountain spreading over the surrounding lands, and swallowed up the green forests in the Azukihara valley.

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Mt. Sanbe

The Lost World :

The Sanbe-Azukihara Buried Forest
The Sanbe-Azukihara Buried Forest is the hidden forest where many giant trees have been lying under the ground since the ancient times, that is the result of the volcanic eruption of Mt.Sanbe around 4,000 years ago.

In the underground exhibition hall of the Sanbe-Azukihara Buried Forest Museum, you will find some huge trunks of trees standing straight as they were in the ancient days, and others being laid down there after having fallen down and been driven in an avalanche of sands and rocks caused by the eruption

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The underground exhibition hall of The Sanbe-Azukihara Buried Forest Museum

The diameter of the tree standing at the right side is more than 2 meters.